[OpenAFS] AFS Speed

Jimmy Engelbrecht jimmy@e.kth.se
10 Jan 2003 11:25:27 +0100

Rubino Gei=C3=9F <kb44@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de> writes:

> Frankly I have seen the same and it is still there to some extent. But we
> could speed up things (especially the very poor delete performance) by
> factor of 5. By mere chance, we reduced the memory of the server from 1 GB
> to 512 MB (the cacheable area of the board is 2 GB) =C2=96 this got us a =
> of factor 5. Why? =C2=96 We do not know!

> PS: We still are interested in speeding up the poor delete performance.

If you look at http://www.e.kth.se/~jimmy/afsfsperf/afsfsperf.html

You see that running a fileserver on ext3 gives very poor
delete-performance. I switched from ext3 to reserfs.