[OpenAFS] Is there any HOWTO out there? (Or someone who wants to help for money)

Jean-Marc Chaton jcn@austin.ibm.com
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 14:48:11 +0100

* Peter Schuller [Wed, 15/01/2003 at 20:15 +0100]
> But I am desperately trying to get OpenAFS set up on a Linux server.
> With or without kerberos, doesn't matter (everything'll be encrypted
> anyway). But as usual I'm getting more or less nowhere.
> (I have all the binaries in place and such (actually, I'm using the
> Debian packages), and things are "sort of" working. But each time I get
> different problems; at the moment my problem is bos hanging on startup.
> Othertimes, I have various other problems. And I am never able to figure
> it out. And even if I got bos running I would almost certainly have
> trouble getting authentication to work.)

Hi, you said you tried with the Debian distribution
Have you read the file
that comes with it, I remember it helped me a lot the first time I
created a cell from scratch. Also read Paul Blacburn's transcript
mentionned in this thread, it's related to IBM AFS but still very

Jean-Marc Chaton, Infra Team, IBM Paris Lab