[OpenAFS] Is there any HOWTO out there? (Or someone who wants to help for money)

Paul Blackburn mpb@est.ibm.com
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 20:34:32 +0000


This is not a howto, but it is a logfile from a script I have for
creating an AFS cell from scratch. It shows all the steps for
Transarc AFS 3.6 on AIX and is not that different from OpenAFS:


paul                         http://acm.org/~mpb

Peter Schuller wrote:

>so this is ... well at least the fifth time I am trying to get AFS
>working. The difference is that I *have* to get it working this time...
>The problem is the server. The client-side is covered because on Unix
>there is arla which is easy to set up; and on Windows there is the
>OpenAFS Windows build which has been pretty easy to set up so far
>(although I never did get 1.2.8 to work).
>But I am desperately trying to get OpenAFS set up on a Linux server.
>With or without kerberos, doesn't matter (everything'll be encrypted
>anyway). But as usual I'm getting more or less nowhere.
>Now, the IBM documentation is relatively useless after having read it a
>few times given that half of the stuff doesn't apply with OpenAFS, and
>the rest is half-incorrect because things have changed.
>What I would *love* to have (and certainly help in developing once I get
>it working myself) is some form av HOWTO on the matter. Even if it's
>just a couple of pages saying what needs to be done to get things going.
>What needs to be configured and how...
>Is there such a document?
>Or - is there someone out there who might be interested in a 1on1
>session helping me set things up, for a reasonable sum of money?
>(I have all the binaries in place and such (actually, I'm using the
>Debian packages), and things are "sort of" working. But each time I get
>different problems; at the moment my problem is bos hanging on startup.
>Othertimes, I have various other problems. And I am never able to figure
>it out. And even if I got bos running I would almost certainly have
>trouble getting authentication to work.)