[OpenAFS] Re: (no subject)

Frederico Muņoz fsmunoz@gesal.org
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 16:56:48 +0000

Ken Hornstein writes:
> Well, I've upgraded our sources locally to 1.2.7, and I've kept all of the
> integration I did originally.  Now, I haven't had time to put together a new
> monster-patch, but I'm willing to send people the output of "cvs diff -rMIT"
> of my krb5 tree ... WITH this understanding: 
> - It may be buggy
> - It's got a lot of other stuff in there.
> - I don't have time to answer questions about it right now (I wish I did,
>   but other things are more important). 

Perfectly understood! I would be extremely grateful if you could send me the 
diff... no strings attached. In case of success I would only report how 
things went in the end. 

Best Regards,