[OpenAFS] negative size from vos listvol?

Stephen R. Rogers Stephen.R.Rogers@Dartmouth.edu
Fri, 24 Jan 2003 13:02:09 -0500


On one of my linux afs servers (RH7.1, openafs 1.2.6) I find a negative 
"K On-line" for one volume and its .backup from vos listvol:

Total number of volumes on server marcus partition /vicepa: 64
linux.sw.geozui3d                 536886277 RW     372264 K On-line
linux.sw.geozui3d.backup          536886279 BK     372264 K On-line
linux.sw.mpi_zaphod               536886656 RW      14173 K On-line
linux.sw.mpi_zaphod.backup        536886658 BK      14173 K On-line

nml.data.ocean.ksarch             536886704 RW   -4162127 K On-line
nml.data.ocean.ksarch.backup      536886706 BK   -4162127 K On-line

Total volumes onLine 64 ; Total volumes offLine 0 ; Total busy 0

I do not seem to find any errors in the various logs. The files on the 
volume seem to be 'normal' and backups are not complaining. Any 
suggestions about what could cause this and how to fix it would be 
appreciated. Thanks.

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