[OpenAFS] A few little questions.

Paul Blackburn mpb@est.ibm.com
Fri, 24 Jan 2003 20:00:20 +0000

Jason C. Leach wrote:

>So I finally go AFS working. Both server and client.
>If I cd to /afs and list the contents I get an odd error:
>-bash-2.05b$ cd /afs/
>-bash-2.05b$ ls
>ls: .: Stale NFS file handle
>I can do cd /afs/mycell and ls no problem.
>If I were to run this on a LAN or WAN how cold I find out 
>how much free space I have. Just have all my servers
>report in usage for the /vicepxx partitions?
Hi Jason,

On the client side, "fs lq" will show the amount of  quota used in your 
current working directory.


[mpb@afs-linux-fs1 mpb]$ cd /afs/linux
[mpb@afs-linux-fs1 linux]$ fs lq
Volume Name                   Quota      Used %Used   Partition
root.cell.readonly            32768        28    0%         59%

"vos partinfo $fileserver" will show how much "raw" freespace there is 
in each partition
on an AFS fileserver (not allowing for quotas allocated, just space free)

[mpb@afs-linux-fs1 linux]$ vos partinfo
Free space on partition /vicepa: 30912092 K blocks out of total 74714936
Free space on partition /vicepb: 1262496 K blocks out of total 8300112
Free space on partition /vicepc: 3635764 K blocks out of total 8300112
Free space on partition /vicepd: 23995844 K blocks out of total 74714936

We have a (nifty awk) script that takes the output from "vos listvo 
-long $server $partition"
and shows list of volumes with space used and quota allocated plus a 
total summary like:

            Summary for server localhost partition a:

            Quotas allocated: 55628680 K
            Actual DASD:      74714936 K
            There is 19086256 K available for quotas
            DASD used:   58.6 %    43802844 K
            DASD free:             30912092 K

Unfortunately, this script is not "open source" to share here.

paul                                  http://acm.org/~mpb