[OpenAFS] negative size from vos listvol?

Matt Elliott melliott@ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri, 24 Jan 2003 16:46:04 -0600

At 1:39 PM -0800 1/24/03, Russ Allbery wrote:
>Stephen R Rogers <Stephen.R.Rogers@Dartmouth.edu> writes:
>> On one of my linux afs servers (RH7.1, openafs 1.2.6) I find a negative
>> "K On-line" for one volume and its .backup from vos listvol:
>> nml.data.ocean.ksarch             536886704 RW   -4162127 K On-line
>> nml.data.ocean.ksarch.backup      536886706 BK   -4162127 K On-line
>> I do not seem to find any errors in the various logs. The files on the
>> volume seem to be 'normal' and backups are not complaining. Any
>> suggestions about what could cause this and how to fix it would be
>> appreciated. Thanks.
>We've seen this happen from time to time.  Salvaging the volume (which can
>be done by running salvager by hand on the file server in question, giving
>only that partition and volume ID, without requiring a file server
>shutdown) fixes the problem.

You can duplicate something very similar to this on demand by copying a
large file to a fileserver from a Windows machine.  When the windows system
crosses the 2 Gig boundary it corrupts the volume.

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