[OpenAFS] Problems with Windows 2000 Professional and OpenAFS 1.2.8a

Scott M. Likens damm@livid.de
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 14:04:58 -0700

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Okay, I've been reading over the list awhile in the archives, and I've
not found a true definitive answer for this.  Attached is the logfile
that was outputted by the 'Configuration' Wizard.

The problem seems to be that I cannot get the BOS Server, nor the Client
to start up at all.  Can anyone shed any light as in to why?  

I'm trying to create my own little server for my personal network, and
it seems to be a greater project then I originally had anticipated.

I read that it may act as SMB, well I enabled NetBui, IPX/SPX, Shares,
etc etc made myself world readable for that moment to get Bos to
startup, well it still didn't startup.

It just gives this nice error in the Event Viewer.

The IBM AFS Server service terminated with service-specific error 2.

I made 2 screenshots for this, you can find them on


It never actually starts up the BOS server to start the process, let
alone Create the Database.

I read over the Documentation last night, and found it to be extremely
/vague/ for setting up the AFS Server, at least in my current situation
it didn't actually give me any information as to why it may do this,
what I need to setup the server other then an empty NTFS partition which
I have.

So I ask nicely, I've googled over this, I've read over
grandcentral.org's FAQ's I cannot seem to find any source that can help
me with this problem.

Is there something I am overlooking?

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15:48:34 01/26/03:  Log file open.
15:48:34 01/26/03:  Checking this machine's current configuration...
15:48:34 01/26/03:  Is the AFS Client installed on this machine: Yes.
15:48:34 01/26/03:  The client configuration information on this host is =
not valid:  (0x462a), the client's cell is not listed in the client's =
cell database.
Is there valid configuration information on this machine: No.
15:48:34 01/26/03:  The configuration information on this host is not =
valid:  (0x460f), the minimally required server configuration =
information is missing, unreadable, or invalid.
Getting handles to the cell and the config library.
15:48:34 01/26/03:  Opening a NULL cell handle to use with the client =
config library handle.
15:48:34 01/26/03:  Getting config handle for the client.
15:48:34 01/26/03:  Opening a NULL cell handle to use with the server =
config library handle.
15:48:34 01/26/03:  Getting config library handle for the server.
15:48:34 01/26/03:  Does a partition exist on this machine: No.
Configuring server
15:49:07 01/26/03:  Adding an AFS partition on device 'D:' with name =
15:49:07 01/26/03:  Putting this host in cell 'acheron.livid.de'.
15:49:07 01/26/03:  Stopping the client.
15:49:08 01/26/03:  Putting the AFS Client in this host's cell.
15:49:08 01/26/03:  Starting the bos server in no auth mode.
15:51:13 01/26/03:  Error 4634d has occurred:  timed out waiting for the =
AFS bosserver control service to start or stop.
15:51:15 01/26/03:  Configuration has failed.
15:55:14 01/26/03:  User has chosen to cancel the program.
15:55:14 01/26/03:  Closing log file.