[OpenAFS] Windows hangs on login

Ted Anderson TedAnderson@mindspring.com
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 09:38:10 -0500

After installing OpenAFS v1.2.8a on my Windows 2000 Pro + SP3 box 
yesterday I find that I have trouble loggin in.  When I log in I get a 
blank screen which normally is replaced by the "loading your settings" 
dialog.  Since installing AFS this blank, blue screen remains for a long 
time.  However, the work around it to type CRLT-ALT-Del, which 
immediately triggers the "loading your settings" dialog and proceeds 
with an apparently normal log in.

I cannot find any cause for the delay in the event log.  I disabled all 
drive mapping, but that didn't help.  Immediately before the 
installation I uninstalled IBM-AFS and at first had troubles getting the 
OpenAFS installation to work, as I had failed to reboot between the 
uninstall and install.  However, I think I cleaned up this mess by 
completely starting over (several times actually).

I also installed AFS on a laptop which is also W2K+SP3 with the same 
settings, but it does not exhibit this behavior.  However, the network 
setup on that machine is a little different, specifically the network is 
off by default and I usually turn it on after logging in.  To me it 
seems the biggest difference is that I got the uninstall of IBM-AFS and 
install of OpenAFS to work on the first try with the laptop.  But I 
don't know if this is significant.

Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.

Ted Anderson