[OpenAFS] openAFS vs. ext2 - new and FASTER ext2 patch avaible.

Jon Bendtsen jon+openafs@silicide.dk
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:13:43 +0100

To my knowledge openAFS doesnt like to run ontop of reiserfs, and
there are some issues with ext3 also, especialy in the cache,
where the ext3 recovery might recover it so good that the files
appear okay, but really isnt. (saw it som email last week)

Anyway, someone just made a considerably faster patch
avaible for 2.5 for ext2.

"The patch was greeted with positive reviews. William Lee Irwin reported
a throughput increase from 62 MB/s to 104 MB/s on a benchmark he ran,
and exclaimed "This patch is a godsend. Whoever's listening, please
apply!. Martin Bligh, instead, said "SDET on my machine (16x NUMA-Q) has
fallen in love with your patch, and has decided to elope with it to a
small desert island." Not bad for a patch which is really a pretty
straightforward exercise in finer-grained locking."

Thats a nice performance gain, which i'm sure that openafs can use as
well :)
Of course it is bleeding edge, but eventualy it will get into a stable