[OpenAFS] uss delete ???

Rubino Geiß kb44@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 16:02:44 +0100


we got problems with uss (bulk) delete.

We have to delete some (>10) accounts from our openAFS system. Usually we
removed single accounts by hand. But now we have to do deletes of a bigger
magnitude and we want to use "uss bulk delete".

Something like:
  uss delete -user XXX -mountpoint /afs/CELL/user/XXX -verbose -dryrun

should do it, but resulted in a error:

  No cell specified; assuming 'CELL'.
  Password for 'admin': 
  Translating user 'XXX' via the Protection DB
  s: Volume 'uss' (ID 135043520) exists on multiple servers!!

doing this the bulk way gives us the same error.

Note: we do not have a volume uss oder one with the ID 135043520!
We used OpenAFS 1.2.8 on rh7.3 / rh8.0

As we tried one of our older transarc solaris clients everything worked as
desired (i.e. after removing –dryrun, the volumes are gone)

Does anybody know anything to resolve the "case"?

Bye, Ruby

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