[OpenAFS] AFS::Command Perl Modules (was: 'vos examine', 'Last update' and date format)

Phil.Moore@morganstanley.com Phil.Moore@morganstanley.com
Tue, 2 Sep 2003 17:14:28 -0400

I've gone ahead and uploaded the first release of this module to CPAN,
and it can now be downloaded from:


If you just want to read the docs, the URLs below are all valid, and
I've updated the FS.html file (which I just finished writing).

This module isn't listed in the CPAN index yet, so you have to get it
from my authors directory.  Hopefully, it will show up in the index in
the next week or so.

Now, I am going to be in Australia for the next 2 weeks (9/8 thru
9/17), so expect delays in responses to any feedback, bug reports,
etc.  I wanted to get this 1.0 release out there sooner rather than
later, so people can play with it.

>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Moore <Phil.Moore@morganstanley.com> writes:

Phil> And there's going to be a competing (but entirely complementary)
Phil> set of perl modules to hit CPAN soon as well.

Phil> You message provides me with incentive to announce the impending
Phil> release of the AFS::Command (and AFS::Object) module suite,
Phil> which is a pure-perl implementation, built around parsing the
Phil> output or the various command line utilities.

Phil> I also looked into implementing AFS::VOS as an XS module, but
Phil> felt that the architecture of the code would be unsupportable,
Phil> since way too much of the complex logic in vos.c would have to
Phil> be replicated in the XS code, leading to parallel management of
Phil> the two code bases.  I am more than willing to be proven wrong.

Phil> The code I have takes a different approach, and is actually a
Phil> re-write of an old perl4 (yes, perl *FOUR*) API I wrote, 10
Phil> years ago.  The text output from vos, fs, etc is deterministic,
Phil> and relatively straight forward to parse (well, not trivial, but
Phil> since I had the parsing code already...).

Phil> Let me stress that I am NOT offering this code as *competition*
Phil> for the existing AFS modules, and in fact, that's precisely why
Phil> my code lives in the AFS::Command and AFS::Object namespaces --
Phil> to avoid a naming clash.  I need the core AFS module for things
Phil> that *must* be done in XS (eg. setpag), and this is simply an
Phil> alternative.

Phil> The code will get its first official release this week, once I
Phil> finish the docs for AFS::Command::FS (the most dubious part of
Phil> the code, since the pioctl() interface is well suited for an XS
Phil> module).

Phil> If there's interest in this code, I've put a preliminary release
Phil> of the HTML docs up on my personal domain's website:

Phil> http://www.yume.org/oss/perl/AFS-Command-prerelease/README.html
Phil> http://www.yume.org/oss/perl/AFS-Command-prerelease/Command.html
Phil> http://www.yume.org/oss/perl/AFS-Command-prerelease/Object.html
Phil> http://www.yume.org/oss/perl/AFS-Command-prerelease/Command/Base.html
Phil> http://www.yume.org/oss/perl/AFS-Command-prerelease/Command/VOS.html
Phil> http://www.yume.org/oss/perl/AFS-Command-prerelease/Command/BOS.html
Phil> http://www.yume.org/oss/perl/AFS-Command-prerelease/Command/PTS.html
Phil> http://www.yume.org/oss/perl/AFS-Command-prerelease/Command/FS.html

Phil> The CPAN release should be coming later this week.

Phil> This release is also just the beginning, 'cause I have a long
Phil> list of ideas for enhancing it, and improving the OO API, in
Phil> particular.  I expect a 1.1 release to follow the 1.0 after a
Phil> month or two.

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