[OpenAFS] FIX: broken hyperlinks to MS docs on AFS

Murawski, Rob rsm4@cssd.pitt.edu
Mon, 8 Sep 2003 11:50:11 -0400


See the latest CVSHEAD source on openafs.org.  There is an NSIS-based

Currently, it does not install the MS loopback adapter as part of the
install, but it is not difficult to add to this install.  I have another
file which does this, but the code is too complex right now for
inclusion into the OpenAFS CVS and automatic build.  In any case, the
NSIS script may be a better starting point for an installer rather than
the InstallShield scripts as everything is in one place.  I know several
people have asked for MSI-based installers, so there is a desire for

-Rob Murawski

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Hi Jeffrey,

I'm running a MS Loopback Adapter and OpenAFS client 1.2.10.  The
network is connected and active when the client starts.  I guess OpenAFS
could start before DHCP completes,  but I am running a loopback, so that
shouldn't be an issue.  I ran an "nbtstat" right after boot and there
was no "NOEL-AFS" on any adapter.  The NOEL-AFS share only appeared on
my loopback after I fixed "lmhosts".

Jeffrey, I've been meaning to redo the OpenAFS install as an MSI with
the loopback adapter and some other bug fixes like this one.  Do you
know anyone else going down that path?


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> Are you running with or without the MS Loopback Adapter?
> Is the network adapter you are using for access to the internet active
> when the AFS Client Service starts?   (in other words, does it have an
> IP address yet?)
> When running with the MS Loopback Adapter, NOEL-AFS should be=20
> published only on the MS Loopback Adapter associated IP address.  I=20
> believe the problem you are seeing is the result of the AFS Client=20
> Service starting before your network adapters succeed in obtaining IP=20
> addresses.
> - Jeff
> Noel Burton-Krahn wrote:
> >I had a problem with my AFS drive on WinXP:  Hyperlinks to Excel
> >on OpenAFS drives were broken.  Here's how to reproduce:
> >
> >1. make two files: hyperlink.doc and broken.xls on an AFS shared=20
> >drive
> >
> >2. put a hyperlink to "broken.xls" in "hyperlink.doc"
> >
> >3. click on the hyperlink
> >
> >4. Excel starts, then complains like so:
> >
> >    "\\NOEL-AFS Could not be found.  Check the spelling of the file=20
> > name
> >verify that the file location is correct."
> >
> >Sometimes I also got:
> >
> >    "The server is not configured for transactions"
> >
> >5. The problem: OpenAFS mounted my Z: drive with the netbios name=20
> >\\noel-afs\home, but netbios could not resolve \\noel-afs
> >
> >6. Strangely, all other documents opened fine. Just Excel had the=20
> >problem
> >
> >My solution was to make \\noel-afs visible to bios.
> >
> >1. add this line to "c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/lmhosts"
> >
> > noel-afs #pre
> >
> >2. run "nbtstat -R"
> >
> >3. Now "nbtstat -n" reveals that "noel-afs" is really visible
> >    NOEL-AFS       <20>  UNIQUE      Registered
> >
> >
> >
> >Has anyone else seen  this problem?  If so, are there other ways to=20
> >fix
> >without editing lmhosts?
> >
> >
> >
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