[OpenAFS] OpenAFS client on SuSE 8.1 freezes the machine

Hendrik Hoeth hendrik.hoeth@cern.ch
Wed, 10 Sep 2003 16:52:45 +0200


I've got another Problem with SuSE and openafs. Using SuSE 8.1 and the
Kernel package k_smp-2.4.19-340.i586.rpm (with corresponding sources),
the machine freezes when trying to start the openafs-1.2.10 client (same
for 1.2.8). With old kernel packages everything works fine; the last
kernel that worked for us is k_smp-2.4.19-257.i586.rpm. openafs was
compiled with "./configure --enable-transarc-paths".

The freeze takes place when afsd is being started. Any hints?



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