[OpenAFS] Bad Ticket

Robert Fox Robert.Fox.54@nd.edu
Tue, 16 Sep 2003 17:23:25 -0500


I understand that this may be a basic question but I've poured over the 
documentation and cannot find a remedy. I'm hoping someone on this list may 
be able to assist.

I've installed the AFS client on a couple of operating systems successfully 
(Red Hat 7.2 and Solaris 8), but I'm having trouble getting it to work on 
Red Hat 8.0. I have the following installed (RPM's listed):


This is running on Red Hat 8.0, kernel linux-2.4.18-14.

I can start up the daemons just fine and they cache info from the AFS 
servers. The /afs mount is available and I can browse it. However, when I 
use 'klog' to try and obtain a token, I receive the following message:

'Unable to authenticate to AFS because authentication server was passed a 
bad ticket.'

When I present an incorrect password, I receive:

'Unable to authenticate to AFS because password was incorrect.'

So, authentication seems to be occurring, but I'm unable to get a token. I 
am not using Kerberos 5, and I'm not that familiar with kerberos 
authentication but this sounds like a kerberos error to me. I'm using the 
'standard' authentication (klog) that I've used on other Unix hosts where 
klog works just fine. Can someone offer any suggestions or hints? I've 
tried a couple of different versions of the OpenAFS client on this system 
and I get the same message each attempt.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Robert Fox
Sr. Programmer/Analyst
University Libraries of Notre Dame