[OpenAFS] Re: home directories in AFS

Everette Gray Allen Everette_Allen@ncsu.edu
Tue, 16 Sep 2003 18:07:11 -0400

So Sam and others might want to look at this software mentioned on 

kfm_aklog is a plug-in which goes into /Library/Kerberos\ Plug-ins/ and 
is called by setting up kerberos login in /etc/authorization as per 
and adding
  login_logout_notification= "aklog"
to /Library/Preferences/edu.mit.kerberos.

We have 200+ machines in our student labs here at ncsu with macos 10.2.x 
running this setup for 30,0000+ active accounts and all have afs home 
file space.
Also has the (nice?) side effect of being called with each kinit or 
kerberos ticket renewal making aklog/klog optional.

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