[OpenAFS] - release operation is meaningless!

Ron Croonenberg ronc@DEPAUW.EDU
Fri, 19 Sep 2003 12:34:43 +0000 (CT)

Hello all,

I managed to create a volume but I have a few problems.

I used this link as a guide to create accounts :

Anyway, I created a volume with :

vos create afs.csc.depauw.edu /vicepa faculty.cowboy -c csc.depauw.edu'
fs mkmount /afs/.csc.depauw.edu/home/cowboy faculty.cowboy -rw -c csc.depauw.edu

as the link above explains, one has to do a vos release at the end of creating
everything :

vos release faculty.cowboy -c csc.depauw.edu

but then an error msg I get says :
Volume 536871745 has no replicas - release operation is meaningless!
VOLSER: illegal operation
Error in vos release command.
VOLSER: illegal operation

and since I don't have much experience with AFS I'm lost at this point

(I can login to the system with the "cowboy" account, but it can't find the home
directory. I checked there is a /afs/.csc.depauw.edu/home/cowboy directory but
no /afs/csc.depauw.edu/home/cowboy .  question is how do I get that one ? is
that what is meant by the errormsg saying something about a replica ?



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