[OpenAFS] "manually" adding AFS accounts

rogbazan@bsantander.com.mx rogbazan@bsantander.com.mx
Wed, 24 Sep 2003 09:49:56 -0500

You could get tokens by issuing the klog =22username=22 command=2E Then y=
ou must try to create o edit any file!

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----- Original Message -----
From=3A tino=2Eschwarze=40informatik=2Etu-chemnitz=2Ede (Tino Schwarze)
Date=3A Wednesday=2C September 24=2C 2003 9=3A40 am
Subject=3A Re=3A =5BOpenAFS=5D =22manually=22 adding AFS accounts

=3E On Wed=2C Sep 24=2C 2003 at 09=3A31=3A04AM +0000=2C Ron Croonenberg w=
=3E =

=3E =3E =5Bdutch=40afshost dutch=5D=24 fs listacl
=3E =3E Access list for =2E is
=3E =3E Normal rights=3A
=3E =3E   system=3Aadministrators rlidwka
=3E =3E   system=3Aanyuser rl
=3E =3E   dutch rlidwka
=3E =3E =

=3E =3E looks like I have all the right permissions=2E=2E   right =3F
=3E =

=3E Looks okay=2C but you might want to remove =22r=22 from system=3Aanyu=
ser=2E =

=3E Thoughit might get more complicated then=2E
=3E =

=3E =3E When I login I get this message =3A
=3E =3E /usr/X11R6/bin/xauth=3A  timeout in locking authority file =

=3E /home/dutch/=2EXauthority
=3E Why is it complaining about =22/home/dutch/*=22=3F Shouldn=27t that b=
=3E /afs/somewhere/dutch=3F
=3E =

=3E =3E and also=2C I can=27t create any files it seems=2E When I try to =
open a =

=3E new file with
=3E =3E vi  the error I get after I try to quit and save =3A
=3E =3E =22test2=2Etst=22 E212=3A Can=27t open file for writing
=3E =

=3E Do you have tokens=2C that is=3A Is your login process AFS-aware and =
=3E you new tokens on login automatically=3F If you use built-in Kerberos=
=3E then =22tokens=22 should tell you that there is indeed a token for us=
=3E dutch=40yourcell=2E
=3E =

=3E HTH! Tino=2E
=3E =

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