Re[6]: [OpenAFS] "manually" adding AFS accounts

Ron Croonenberg ronc@DEPAUW.EDU
Wed, 24 Sep 2003 13:30:53 +0000 (CT)

It looks like I have all the components working sort of.

I can create a user.
I can create a volume for that user.
I can build an entry in LDAP

I can login and go to the users homedirectory.
when I do a fs listacl even all the permissions seem to be right.

Problem is that after I log in I also have to use klog in order to get a
token/ticket else none of the permissions work.
After I use klog ...everything seems to be fine. (after I have an active session
in which I used klog, I can create new sessions with whatever I want (X-windows,
ssh, ftp, telnet...)

This machine already has a bunch of users on it.  and apparently they seem to
work ok. I am just trying to figure out how things are set up so I can have a
grip on creating users etc.

Question is, how can I figure out how PAM/LDAP/AFS is set up so that when a user
logs in he/she automatically get authenticated for AFS and gets a token/ticket
so all the permissions work ?

sorry for the basic questions here...but I am kinda new to AFS.



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