[OpenAFS] Dreadful metadata performance

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Thu, 1 Apr 2004 06:24:52 -0800

Only benchmarking will tell. The code is not C++ /STL toolkit so the
guaranteed timing thing isn't there.


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Jamie Walker wrote:
> I discovered that volumes on a non-RAIDed ext2 vice partition on our 
> 500MHz fileserver box were up to 3 times faster than ext3 on an 
> Megaraid'ed RAID1 volume on the main 1.3GHz box. Moving the vicepa 
> partitions to ext2 on the main box results in a very noticeable 
> performance improvement but only from 'really dreadful' to 'dreadful'.

 From my experience, MegaRAID controllers are very slow and have 
accounted for many disk performance bottlenecks on our network.  Your 
performance figure of '3 times slower' would match a pattern we've seen 
here, whether it be on a RAID-stripped system (7 disks) or a database on 
RAID mirror.


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