[OpenAFS] FW: Java GUI Builder Special Offer

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Tue, 6 Apr 2004 08:53:58 -0700

This might be an option for building a GUI that runs on anything. Especially
since MS & SUN have settled their lawsuit.

I expect strong Java support from MS in the future.


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Subject: RE: Java GUI Builder Special Offer

Hi Ted,

A good option for developing a GUI that will run on both Windows and X 
Windows is to develop the GUI in Java.

We have special pricing available for Visaj, our Java GUI Builder, that 
enables developers working on not for profit projects to purchase a full 
Visaj license for $99.

If this is of interest to you please let me know and I will have an 
official quote sent to you together with details on how to place an order.



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>Any discounts for OpenAFS Developers (not for profit Andrew File System)?
>http://www.openafs.org <http://www.openafs.org/>
>Just came back from the OpenAFS conference at Stanford. OpenAFS needs a GUI
>for both Win and Xwin.
>Ted Creedon, P.E.
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>To: Ted Creedon
>Subject: Java GUI Builder Special Offer
>Dear Ted
>You have expressed an interest in IST products in the past. Now you can
>money by taking advantage of the special offer we are running during March
>and April.
>We are offering the package of X-Designer AND Visaj for a substantial
>on the individually priced products. For U.S. users the single user package
>price is just $4990, a saving of over $500. International customers should
>contact us for the price.
>X-Designer, the award winning Motif GUI Builder, enables you to build your
>application graphically using Motif objects. You can also "capture" a
>running Motif program, put together test suites or create internet ready
>applications. It enables you to generate code for Motif, Java & Windows and
>keep it independent of the toolkit.
>Visaj, the Java GUI builder, enables you to plug together Java objects and
>manipulate them with dedicated layout editors. With Visaj you can create
>link together Java Beans and design icons and classes. A Visaj user can put
>together an entire application without writing a single line of code.
>X-Designer and Visaj neatly dovetail to provide a complete rapid
>development suite across Unix and Java platforms.
>Email sales@ist-inc.com to place your order or go to
>http://www.ist-inc.com/offer/xdvj <http://www.ist-inc.com/offer/xdvj.htm>
>for further information, about X-Designer, Visaj and this offer.
>This offer is strictly limited to orders placed before April 30, 2004 -- so
>email us now.
>With best wishes
>IST Marketing
>PS If you are thinking of migrating any application, large or small, you
>usually do it without having to re-write all your legacy code. Have a look
>at this page: http://www.ist-inc.com/offer/migrate
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