[OpenAFS] Trouble mapping drives with Win XP Pro

Nadadorgordo@netscape.net Nadadorgordo@netscape.net
Wed, 07 Apr 2004 14:48:10 -0400

My apologies if this is a pedestrian question, but I am currently having trouble mapping drives after I authenticate with OpenAFS.  I'm running OpenAFS 1.2.10 with Windows XP Pro, and I had it working properly, but I upgraded some software on my machine and now I cannot map drives under OpenAFS.   I get this error:

AFS was unable to map the network drive to the specified path in AFS.  Check to make sure the drive letter is not currently in use.

Error: 0x00000035

I checked and the drive letter is not in use.  Any information or suggestions as to how to fix this would be most appreciated.  Thanks.


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