[OpenAFS] Installing OpenAFS on RHEL

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Thu, 8 Apr 2004 13:12:16 -0700

Rpm -qa|grep afs  #should check for afs in the rpm database
Rpm --rebuilddb   #rebuilds the rpm database

You could also use 
Locate or slocate to make sure all the files are gone and not hiding in some
unsuspected place

You may not be able to remove the package with rpm if some of the files have
been removed by hand or by mistake


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Ron Croonenberg <ronc@depauw.edu> writes:

>>What version of RHEL are you using.  I have built 1.2.11 for RHAS and
>>RHES 2.1, using the SRPMs.  IIRC, the binary RPM for RH7.3 will work out
>>of the box.
>>Did you try 'rpm -e PACKAGENAME' to remove Openafs?
> yes I did.  Not all rpm's didn't get removed that way. One error that
> was saying "some script" didn't work.

What script didn't work?  The error is important.

> I tried what was suggested earlier, and that seemed to work.
> I could install the src rpm,  build it.  but when I started installing the
> created rpm's  "it" said they were already installed.

Well, that means the remove didn't complete (probably due to the
aforementioned script problem).

I can't fix a problem if nobody tells me there is one.


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