[OpenAFS] garbled cache files with openafs 1.2.11 on amd64

Christoph Scheurer christoph.scheurer@ch.tum.de
Fri, 23 Apr 2004 10:41:19 +0200


I am currently trying to get OpenAFS 1.2.11 working as a client on Dual
Opteron nodes (amd64_linux24) with kernel 2.4.26. You can find more
details on what I had to do to build it in my recent posting on

My current problem is that I reproducibly get garbled cache files while
everything else (loading/unloading the module, mounting, authentication
against heimdal) seems to work fine. This happens if I try to read files
larger than about 2KB. I was testing it with plain ASCII text files. On
the amd64 client blocks of binary data get introduced into these files
while 32bit clients see them correctly at the same time. After that has
happened I also see (not as reproducable) directory listings getting
garbled on the amd64 client. The directories then seem to contain files
with strange binary filenames. These files do not show up if I do a
'ls -i' instead of a plain ls. They are also not visible on any of the
32bit clients, so I guess it must be a problem local to the amd64
client. The cache is on an ext2 partition.

Does anybody have more experience with amd64 clients?

Kind regards,

Ch. Scheurer

Christoph Scheurer

contact:   http://www.theo.chemie.tu-muenchen.de/homepages/scheurer/