[OpenAFS] Newbie Detailed Howto wanted for replica file server Debian Woody Installation

Arcot Arumugam arcot_arumugam@hotmail.com
Mon, 26 Apr 2004 15:31:16 -0700

Hi All

I have the first Afs file,dbserver and client running on rh9.0 successfully
by following the instructions given in the Quick Start Guide.

Due to installation issues, I am installing a replication file,db server on
another machine using Debian Woody release.
a) is that a good idea?

b) In the installation instructions for "Installing the additional File
Server", it starts with running the upclient. Unfortunately for whatever
reason, Debian install does not come with upclient binaries. So I am stumped
on what to do next. I do not want to do something and then regret it later.

Anyone with detailed instructions on how to run an additional replication
File Server on Debian would be greatly appreciated.


P.S: I am sure that this was answered before but I searched last two months
of posts and could not find any relevant postings. Please do not flame me.