[OpenAFS] OpenAFS on XP 64-bit Extended Edition

Chris Crowther chris@jm-crowther.co.uk
Fri, 02 Jul 2004 19:03:01 +0100

Jeffrey Altman wrote:

> I do not have access to a 64-bit machine on which to develop and test 
> OpenAFS. Theorectically you should be able to build a 64-bit version 
> although I have not tried.

    If I had a 64-bit compiler for windows handy I'd give that try.

 > If you want to file bugs against the 32-bit version you may do so.  
Please install OpenAFS

> with Symbols so that you can get a decent stack trace when the crash 
> occurs.

    Grabbed and installed - shall give it a whirl and see what it says.

> Jeffrey Altman

Chris Crowther
J&M Crowther Ltd.