David Botsch dwb7@ccmr.cornell.edu
Tue, 6 Jul 2004 16:30:20 -0400

Just to follow up, we are seeing this behaviour with the 1.3.65 client 
installed on Windows 2000. Also installed on that machine is the latest 
kerbforwindows as of today.

In this case, it is the password of the local administrative user on 
the windows box that is trying to get kerb4 tickets. The format of the 
kerberosprincipal is:

This can reproduced constantly by running a scheduled task which needs 
to locally auth as the windows admin user to be able to run.

On 2004.06.10 12:41 Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> David Botsch wrote:
>> I should add we've been unable to manually make this happen (and do 
>> not know for sure it is afs causing it).
>> 1.2.8a on the clients and the servers are 1.3.3 (straight from the 
>> MIT source).
>> It is a version 4 request.
> It could be a bug in the AFS Kerberos 4 authentication code. 

David William Botsch
Consultant/Advisor II
CCMR Computing Facility