[OpenAFS] Redundant cell

David Miller D.P.Miller@lse.ac.uk
Thu, 15 Jul 2004 15:55:08 +0100

and run a kerberos server on the machine on the other floor too, which 
gets propagated from your main kerberos server.

Hartmut Reuter wrote:

> You don't need another cell, just other database and - may be - 
> fileserver
> on your other floor. If the connection is cut off the sync-site 
> database server
> (the one with the lower ip-address) will work as before and the other one
> should still be sufficient to reply to read-olnly requests such as
> volume location or pts membership requests.  Most cells are built with 
> this
> redundancy because it is one of the main feautures of AFS.
> -Hartmut
> Sensei wrote:
>> Hi. I'm back and I have a question, maybe not so common. :)
>> I've built an openafs cell, on debian stable. It authenticates over
>> kerberos 5, and gains a token from openafs_session, so no kaserver and
>> no passwords anywhere other than kerberos db. Good it works. Now, my
>> question about it is: how to make it redundant?
>> We have a quite unreliable network. The server is on one floor and I'm
>> thinking about having a second server on the second floor. I need these
>> two cells to work cooperatively but ``independent'' one from each other.
>> In other words, if the link between the two servers goes down, each
>> floor keep to authenticate and work. Login can work fine, even without
>> the home directory, which can reside on the other server. How can I do
>> this?
>> Do not bother about krb5. I'm dealing now with all the afs issues.