[OpenAFS] Can't find db servers on Windows build

Robbie Foust rfoust@duke.edu
Fri, 16 Jul 2004 10:55:58 -0400


Sorry if this topic has been covered, I've been out of the AFS loop for 
a while. :-)

I installed the AFS client (1.3.6590 debug) on XP along with KfW (2.6.3) 
and the AFS service is running, but if I try to obtain AFS tokens, I get 
an Error: 11862791 (AFS service may not have started).  Also, if I look 
at the file servers, none are listed.  Someone else on campus here is 
experiencing the same thing (with a slightly older build, don't know the 
exact version).  Apparently, the file servers are found after several 
hours.  Is there any way to modify how AFS refreshes the file server 
list or am I just totally missing something in my config?  Thanks!

- Robbie

Robbie Foust
OIT - Systems and Core Services
Duke University