Re[2]: [OpenAFS] OpenAFS client

Ron Croonenberg
Mon, 19 Jul 2004 12:50:02 CT

>Why is the loopback adapter not installed on this machine?

well,  a bit ago I had show up as a server for that cell. But it
sounds like the loopbackadapter should be installed ?

>>And then it seems to have lost the first 3 characters of the name of the cell.
>>Also, this machine has only one ethernetcard,  but don't the entries for
>>"lana=3" and "lana=6" indicate there is more then one ?

>I will bet the problem is the fact that the name of your cell begins
>with "afs" (or actually the string that matches the NetbiosName registry
>value or the MountRoot registry value.)  What is the name of your old

the name of the old cell, that is still up and running on another server is  but the cells are on diffrent machines.

>Are you willing to provide me access to  I will
>require the CellServDB entries and connectivity if you are behind a VPN.

Sure, I can do that. let me know what you need know or what I have to set up for
you (and I'll send it to you directly)

>As for the multiple adapters, yes, you have more than one network
>adapter on the machine.  Network adapters do not have to correspond to
>physical hardware.



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