Re[2]: [OpenAFS] OpenAFS client

Ron Croonenberg
Tue, 20 Jul 2004 10:02:26 CT

>The Loopback Adapter must have an IP address which is not routable on
>your primary network.
>It should not be the same as that of your machine or any other.  The
>point Loopback adapter
>is to provide a stable binding point to the AFS Client Service which
>otherwise will panic and
>crash when the network configuration changes.

Ok, gotcha. I installed the latest version of the netware client (the one I had
didn't like to get along with the AFS client).
I installed it the "default way

>The other benefit of the Loopback adapter is that the AFS Client Service
>does not need to
>publish an SMB name on the public network.  This means the name does not
>have to be unique
>and therefore \\AFS\cellname will work on all machines.  Otherwise, a
>unique name must be
>selected for all systems.
>As requested yesterday, please send me your CellServDB entries for your
>new cell and provide
>me a communication path to the cell's server.

ok,I will send that to you directly

>Please do not post your queries to multiple mailing lists.  Posting to
>multiple lists only
>makes it more difficult for someone to find the answer to your problem
>when it is discovered.

sorry about that, I thought you suggested to take that discussion to the win32

>I have tested the theory that the problem is based upon the cell name
>beginning with the same
>string as the mountRoot and I had no problems.  So that is not the cause.

ok, that was what I was thinking too, ..  because that cell works just fine when
using a Linux based client.

>Do you have the same issues if you turn off Freelance mode?

Uhm...apparenly I hear new things every day...  "Freelance mode" ?  what is
 that ?

>Do you have the same issues with the current daily build?
>    /afs/

I don't know,  I'll download it and see.

>Jeffrey Altman


P.S.  I'll sent the info you asked for to you directly

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