[OpenAFS] mountpoints in windows XP

Ron Croonenberg ronc@depauw.edu
Fri, 23 Jul 2004 09:17:59 CT


when I look at /afs I see two directories.

afs-2.csc.depauw.edu    and

When I mount a volume that is owned by user cowboy,  then I should have
something like :

/afs/afs-2.csc.depauw.edu/home/cowboy that is mapped to (let's say) m:   right ?
(at least that is similar to how I set it up in a linux client and that works)

Anyway, when I try to access that volume "nothing happens"  no list etc etc.

When I browse through /afs  I can just walk through the directories and go to
the sub dir  ..../home/cowboy, even open a file but not save anything.

however when I add this drive mapping :
/afs/.afs-2.csc.depauw.edu/home/cowboy   then it looks like I can do everything
that I expected to do.  I know that the .afs-2.csc.depauw.edu is the rw volume,
but I thought that the afs-2.csc.depauw.edu cell was what needed to be mounted.

Another thing, in the setup, "drive letters"  advanced (the submounts tab) I
cannot remove any entries in the list.

It seems I can connect to the new cell now (however there's still a bunch wrong)
but I can't seem to connect to the old cell anymore (at the same time)

Another thing I noticed, even when I don't have any tokens, I still can access
the volume that I was connected to before.


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