[OpenAFS] finally(?) working mountpoints in windows OpenAFS clients

Ron Croonenberg ronc@DePauw.edu
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 08:40:37 CT


I used the "cmd.exe window" and did the following to get access to 2 different
volumes on 2 different cells. I tried to do the same in using the windows
client, but somehow after I (try) to create those mappings/mountpoints with the
gui I don't have access to them.

When I use the commandline utilities things seem to work.

net use g: \\afs\all
fs mkmount g: root.cell afs-2.csc.depauw.edu
fs mkmount g: root.cell csc.depauw.edu
net use m: \\afs\afs-2.csc.depauw.edu\home\cowboy
net use n: \\afs\csc.depauw.edu\home\cowboy

Even though it seems to work, is this the way to do it ? Are the mountpoints in
the right places ?
One thing I noticed is  that when I booted this machine this morning, I had to
do all this over again. (mountpoints and drive mappings were not automatically



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