[OpenAFS] Analysis of AFS encryption protocol?

pll+afs@permabit.com pll+afs@permabit.com
Thu, 29 Jul 2004 10:45:12 -0400

Hi all,

I'm trying to find information regarding the encryption protocol of 
AFS and google is turning up surprisingly little.  My main concern is 
whether or not AFS is trustworthy enough to deploy as a file sharing 
mechanism for remote users outside our offices.   The questions I 
have are:

 - What is the encryption algorithm ?
 - What is the protocol used ?
 - Has there been any reputable analyis of the AFS encryption?
   (if so, by whom, and where can I find it?)

I note on the OpenAFS website, that USENIX, Intel and Morgan Stanley 
dontated handsomely ($105 USD if I read that right) to the OpenAFS 
project, and that one of the initial goals was to:

   "initially concentrate on bringing AFS up to date with modern
    transport and security"

So, what's happened in the almost 18 months since this press release 
wrt security?

(Note, I'm not implying that nothing has happened, rather, I'm 
completely new to AFS, and need to answer these questions for my 
management and can't seem to find the answers)


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