[OpenAFS] Windows clients: suggestions?

Matthew R. Cross Matthew.R.Cross@Dartmouth.EDU
29 Jul 2004 09:33:09 EDT

Hello, I am just starting monitor this list and would like some =
advice on some things if possible.

Current situation.

We are in the process of switchine to AD.  We currently are =
switchine to the latest AFS client 1.3.66.  We are using MIT =
kerberos to abtain tokens.  The one thing we have trouble with on =
some machines is AFS starting up when the machine is booting.  We =
have installed the loopback adaptor, but that doesn't seem to work =
all the time.

The question is "What is the best way to setup a windows client =
using MIT Kerberos (I believe it's Leash version 2.5) that belongs =
to AD and the OS is Windows XP?

Any help would be appreciated.