Re[2]: [OpenAFS] volumes in different cells

Ron Croonenberg
Thu, 29 Jul 2004 11:11:59 EST

Hi Jeffrey,

I uninstalled 'everything" and deleted the HKLM\Software\OpenAFS key in the
registry and have some improvement. The mountpoints created with the gui now
work (I installed version 1.3.6600 of the client).

the afs-2 cell gives me one problem. When I create the drive mapping, I can't
use it. However, when I :

net use k: /delete         and then
net use k: \\afs\\home\cowboy

"it" just works.

thanks for all your suggestions and for checking out that cell.


>I would uninstall and blow away all of the registry settings for
>then reinstall 1.3.66.  I can't imagine that things do not work
>correctly from the GUI in
>the final release.
>Ron Croonenberg wrote:
>>Hi Jeffrey,
>>I started doing that because mapping it in the gui didn't work and when I used
>>the commandline utilities it did work.
>>In the older version of the software I never used the commandline tools
>>mapping drives with the gui seemed to work.
>>What baffles me still is, why is it working with the "old" cell I have
>>( and not with the new cell I built (
>>Old cell is  version 1.2.8 on RH8, new cell is 1.2.11 on RHEL ES 3.

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