[OpenAFS] Bad max lifetime when using afs2k5db

David Botsch dwb7@ccmr.cornell.edu
Tue, 1 Jun 2004 15:19:19 -0400

That was actually I that had that problem. as I mentioend to Ken 
previously, when I tried this last year, it worked w. no issues. So, 
seems someplace something changed.

We just went the script route to fix the lifetimes.

Even more interesting, it doesn't seem to mess up the max lifetime for 
every user.

I've run into another issue w. fakeka which I'll detail in another 

On 2004.06.01 14:16 Ken Hornstein wrote:
> >> - Fix it (and send me a patch).
> >> - Do a simple shell script using kadmin.local to reset the
> expiration
> >>   time for all of your principals.
> >
> >- Send Ken your kaserver database. ;-)
> Heh.  I was going to add, "but include enough information so I could
> bill you", but then I realized that with your kaserver database I'd
> _OWN_ your site, completely, I could just troll through your site
> until
> I found everything I needed to simply do wire transfers from your
> site's bank accounts :-)
> --Ken
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