[OpenAFS] klog fakeka request inconsistent error

David Botsch dwb7@ccmr.cornell.edu
Tue, 1 Jun 2004 15:25:00 -0400

RH 7.3 w. the lastest krb5-1.2.4-11, latest kth-krb, openafs1.2.11

We are running kpopper as a kpop server.

fakeka, krb524, krb5kdc all running on same computers.

klog.krb works to get me tokens and kerberos tickets. Following the 
krb5 migration procedure, I can read/write files just fine.

Athena kinit works. Mit kinit works as expected.

As I mentioned above, kpop is running. So, I also need to get kerberos 
pop tickets. Here is where it gets weird:
  -if I klog.krb against fakeka and then run fetchmail -N, I receive 
the following error: fetchmail: kerberos error Request inconsistent 
  -if I instead use the kth-krb kinit (or mit krb524) to get my 
tickets, fetchmail works fine.

I have tried both importing the pop.host "user" from kaserver and using 
the existing srvtab as well as generating a new one with addprinc, 
ktadd, ktutil (rkt/wst). Same results.

Changing or not changing the pw of the user trying to kpop mail also 
makes no difference.

Any thoughts?


David William Botsch
Consultant/Advisor II
CCMR Computing Facility