[OpenAFS] afs migration to Kerberos 5 Help

Kevin Coffman kwc@citi.umich.edu
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 09:15:39 -0400

> Heres a question. In the README for afs-krb5 it says
> 1) Create an AFS principal in the Kerberos database.  Call it:
> Yet in the debug for aklog -d it seems to be calling for
> afs/kerb5.cl.msu.edu@KERB5.CL.MSU.EDU
> So which one do I need ?

I believe that a "modern" aklog will try both; however
afs/<cellname>@REALM is preferred.

> Also fakeka give this error:
>  No matching key in entry while decrypting the master key

I think this has been discussed here or on the Kerberos list.
fakeka doesn't currently support a 3DES master key.  I'm guessing
this is your situation.