[OpenAFS] clarification on client caches

Dexter 'Kim' Kimball dhk@ccre.com
Tue, 7 Sep 2004 16:34:30 -0600

>> then seems to work. I never see afs_cachetrim appear in top 
> (though my delay is set low), and the machine seems usable.

May have been covered elsewhere in thread and if so oh well:  are you
filling the cache until it purges?  I.e. did you initialize a 50 GB
cache (in which case a huge number of Vfiles are created and you have to
be careful, at the least, with # of inodes on cache partition); or, did
you initialize and 50 GB cache and write into it until the cache begins
to purge?

Things may have changed radically since I last tried to use large (12GB)
caches several years ago -- what I found then was this:  cache
initialization was fine; cache purging, however, consumed all of the AFS
client resources and the client stopped responding to user requests.
The client appeared to be hung, but using afsmonitor to check cache
activity I could see that the purging was taking place during the
"freeze" times.

Dropped back to a 3GB cache which worked fine.

If you've fully populated a 50GB cache and the consequent cache purging
doesn't cause the AFS client to go catatonic, I'd be very interested in



Kim (Dexter) Kimball
CCRE, Inc.

> I'll try a couple more variations to see if I can get more
> specific information.
> Also, does it matter which gcc was used in compiling the
> kernel?  The Debian client is using a custom compiled 2.4.27 
> kernel with gcc 3.3. The Centos kernel is 
> 2.4.21-9.0.1.EL.c0smp.  I don't know which compiler it was built with.
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