[OpenAFS] how do clients determine server IP addresses?

pll+afs@permabit.com pll+afs@permabit.com
Wed, 08 Sep 2004 13:52:02 -0400

Hi all,

I have a an AFS cell here which is behind a firewall, which is using 
NAT.  My firewall has rules to allow packets to pass between the 
internet and the AFS servers (in theory :)

Because we're using NAT (something I've *got* to change!) the 
addresses of the servers from the internet are different than from 
our internal LAN.

I've set up the CellServDB file to have the correct external IP 
addresses for the AFS servers in them.  However, when I try to access 
volumes in our cell, I eventually get a timeout claiming it lost the 
connection with the server, and then displays an IP address.  The 
address, though, is the *internal* IP of the server.

So, I guess the question I have is this.  Is there some way a client 
queries an AFS server for the IP address of the file server within 
the AFS protocol, or does a DNS lookup on something like an SRV 
record ?  I'm guessing there must be, since the client somehow 
obtained a correct internal IP address despite me never typing that 
IP into it for anything.


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