[OpenAFS] AFS documentation update

Chris Crowther chris@jm-crowther.co.uk
Thu, 16 Sep 2004 10:42:54 +0100

Dale Ghent wrote:

> Uh, hello?
> What about HTML/XML? Even PDF would be better than both Word and even Tex
> I don't want to now have to install some Tex reader on my workstations 
> so I can RTFM. Also, when you're in the machine room at 3am, the last 
> thing you need is to not have a Tex reader locally available when web 
> browsers are ubiquitous.

    Once the documents are in TeX format they can be converted them to 
almost anything wanted, since it's markup language.  tex2pdf and 
tex2html are standard tools.

Chris Crowther
J&M Crowther Ltd.