[OpenAFS] cache managers on openAFS clients NOT caching

Kristian kristian@hitech-sanita.it
Wed, 29 Sep 2004 17:34:40 +0200

Hi There,

I have set up an AFS server and everything works correctly. Clients
running the cache manager can connect and correctly access files for
which users have been authorized.

However, on client reboot, and thus on cache manager restart, it seems
that the cache stored on disk is not being used at all. Basically, when
I execute a binary stored in my AFS cell it gets copied into my local
disk cache, but after reboot, even though the cache manager startup
script says that some files in my local disk cache are "not empty", I
can tell that it is still fetching the very same executable from the
only AFS database machine. Is there anything in particular I should be
looking at?

Thanks in advance.