[OpenAFS] Re: Questions about openafs 1.3.X

Andrew Dumaresq Andrew Dumaresq <dumaresq@gmail.com>
Fri, 1 Apr 2005 23:06:28 -0400

Well, I didn't get any answers but I did solve all of my problems here
so I thought I would answer them incase anyone else wants to know.

1)=09You can mix AFS version with no problems my AFS file server and db
server are 1.2.13 and my clients are 1.3.80.
2)=09Build afs-krb5-2.0.  This does not build cleaning but you only need
aklog and asetkey which can be built with some hacking.
3)=09See number 2
4)=09See number 2.

Well I guess that solves those problems.  I haven't managed to get
tokens on login yet with 1.3.80, I tried to use the sources from the
PAM module that Debian uses with afs-1.2, it compiles fine but fails
to get the tokens on login.   I also found out that the pam_krb5
package from sourceforge should be able to get the AFS tokens, but
when I build this I get errors when the system tries to load the
module at login time.  I'll post the solution once I find it =EF=81=8A

On Mar 29, 2005 10:27 AM, Andrew Dumaresq <dumaresq@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have gotten openafs-1.2.13 installed and working on Debian Sarge
> using mit-kerberos for my tickets with afs-krb-1.3, it wasn't too hard
> and that server can server and access my own AFS tree.  I have 2 other
> servers that I want to setup as openafs-clients (and maybe later as
> file servers as well).  Both of these servers are using Linux kernel
> 2.6.X as I understand it I will need to use openafs-1.3.x to do this.
> So my questions are:
> 1)      Can I leave the Sarge machine as 1.2.13 and have the other client=
> and servers at 1.3.X.  or do I need to use the same version on all
> servers?
> 2)      How do I build 1.3.X to use mit-kerberos not kaserver?  I assume =
> need to use afs-krb but does 1.3.X come with some stuff that will make
> afs-krb un nessary?  I noticed that there is an aklog.c in the source
> tree hence why I am asking (I couldn't figure out how to build it).
> 3)      What version of afs-krb should I use with 1.3.X (if I need to at
> all) I only found 1.3 and 2.0 on the web, but I understand there maybe
> me more version in the global /afs tree.
> 4)      If I do need to build afs-krb will this require rebuilding Kerber=
> on these servers?  I have mit-krb5-1.3.6 on one server, not sure about
> the other, but I need to do them 1 at a time anyway.
> 5)      At this point I have been unable to build afs-krb-2.0 I can post
> the errors, but I want to clarify that I actually need to do this
> before going down that route.
> Well I think that's everything thanks for you time and your help.  I'm
> sorry if these questions have been answered already I searched google
> for a few days but found very little directly relating to openafs-1.3
> using mit-krb5
> --Andrew