[OpenAFS] XP embedded

Christian Ospelkaus christian@core-coutainville.org
Fri, 8 Apr 2005 10:06:27 +0200

> We have converted and use Microsoft Windows PE, instead of DOS to build our
> Windows XP workstations.  I have been interested in trying to install the
> OpenAFS Windows client into PE.  However there are a few difficulties that
> are immediately apparent.  First, there appears to be no SYSTEM registry,
> so you can't install your own services.  This makes sense because Microsoft
> doesn't want PE to "get out" and become a small operating system of its
> own.  The second problem is installing OpenAFS.  You can't use any
> installer under Windows PE, everything would need to be hand
> installed.  And finally, there can be no "live" caches under PE, so the
> AFSCache file is out.  I haven't had time to look any further, but it
> really would be cool to mount AFS under PE for network builds.

Thanks for the info. I do not really see the link between running OpenAFS on 
Windows XP embedded and Windows PE. Maybe somebody can give me a hint...

Christian Ospelkaus