[OpenAFS] removing openafs from a mac

Ben Staffin staffin@uiuc.edu
Wed, 27 Apr 2005 19:30:44 -0500

* David Bear <David.Bear@asu.edu> [2005-04-27 19:21] wibbled:
> are there any instructions for removing openafs from a mac -- os X.3?
> hoping it is as simple of trashing items from a system folder...

If you simply want to prevent it from starting at boot, you can remove

To remove it completely, you'll want to open up a terminal and do
something like this:

cd /Library/Receipts/OpenAFS.pkg/Contents
lsbom Archive.bom

The above will give you a full list of the files created by the OpenAFS
package, which you can then remove.  Obviously you don't want to remove
shared paths such as /usr/bin or /private/var/db, but /Library/OpenAFS
/var/db/openafs and the various tools in /usr/bin and /usr/sbin can be

- Ben

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