[OpenAFS] [1.3.86] heimdal/krb5 auth for BOS requests fails during initial cell setup

Tracy Di Marco White Tracy Di Marco White <gendalia@gmail.com>
Thu, 4 Aug 2005 20:53:58 -0500

On 8/4/05, scorch <scorch@muse.net.nz> wrote:
> hi,
> I've been following a number of how-to guides, the best being
> http://kula.public.iastate.edu/talks/afs-bpw-2005/afs-bpw-2005-iowa.pdf
> -- thanks :-) but I'm stuck after switching out of -noauth, despite
> having seeming correct k5 tickets. My guess is that I need something
> like aklog, or my krb configuration but I am lost for the obvious answer.

Thanks! Glad it's helpful.

> After page 33, I switch after running in -noauth to 'restart BOS server
> with authentication'. I always receive the following error:
>     wavey@mercury:/usr/afs/bin $ ./bos shutdown mercury.muse.net.nz -noau=
>     bos: failed to shutdown servers (you are not authorized for this oper=
> despite all my best kinit efforts. I'm sure I am missing something
> obvious but I can't find info in the logs. Any suggestions on how to
> proceed?

If you're getting that message, bosserver isn't running -noauth anymore,
I suspect, and so bos shutdown can't be run with -noauth anymore, but
you may be able to use -local if you're running bos shutdown on the
fileserver and your shell can read KeyFile.