[OpenAFS] vos create failure on attached drive array ?

Jason Mccabe Jason.McCabe@mci.com
Tue, 09 Aug 2005 16:39:06 -0400

I'm having trouble with "vos create" on a fiber attached 
storage unit.  I believe it's an EMC something-or-other, 
but I'm not sure.  

I was just given device labels.

I set up a test cell a few months ago with native disks.. 
no problem.

bash-2.03# ./vos create  <server> /vicepa root.afs -cell <cell> -noauth
Failed to create the volume root.afs 536870930
: I/O error
Error in vos create command.
: I/O error

Looks like it tries twice, so I get this in VolserLog:

bash-2.03# more VolserLog
Tue Aug  9 19:48:50 2005 Starting AFS Volserver 2.0 (/usr/afs/bin/volserver)
Tue Aug  9 19:48:52 2005 VCreateVolume: Header file /vicepa/V0536870930.vol
already exists!
Tue Aug  9 19:48:52 2005 1 Volser: CreateVolume: Unable to create the
volume; aborted, error code 104
Tue Aug  9 19:48:52 2005 : Error 104
Tue Aug  9 19:49:07 2005 VAttachVolume: Error reading volume header
Tue Aug  9 19:49:07 2005 1 Volser: ListVolumes: Could not attach volume
536870930 (V0536870930.vol) error=101

Any thoughts?