[OpenAFS] AFS client installation on Motorolla MVME6100 PowerPC

Horst Birthelmer horst@riback.net
Wed, 10 Aug 2005 18:09:19 +0200

On Aug 10, 2005, at 5:41 PM, Konstantin Boyanov wrote:

> Hi again,
> Ye, the servers should be there for sure :-) There is a network  
> already working, with a running cell on it, so I won't need to set  
> these up :-P
> Well, the kernel module was indeed in src/libafs/MODLOAD-2.4.25- 
> rm01.mvme6100-SP/libafs-2.4.25-rm01.mvme6100.o (I suppose it should  
> be a .o file. Or?)
> I restarted the system and then loaded it by typing the command:
> #insmod libafs-2.4.25-rm01.mvme6100.o
> with some warnings printed out:
> # Warning: loading libafs-2.4.25-rm01.mvme6100.o will taint the  
> kernel: no license
> # Module libafs-2.4.25-rm01.mvme6100 loaded, with warnings
> Could that cause me troubles later on?

No, that's just the usual license talk of the picky Linux kernel ;-)

> When i tried to start the afs daemon in /src/afsd I got the  
> following output:
> afsd: My home cell is 'xxx.de'
> ParseCacheInfoFile: Opening cache info file '/usr/vice/etc/ 
> cacheinfo'...
> ParseCacheInfoFile: Cache info file successfully parsed:
>         cacheMountDir: '/afs'
>         cacheBaseDir: '/usr/vice/cache'
>         cacheBlocks: 236000
> afsd: WARNING: cache probably too small!
> afsd: malloc() failed for cache file inode table with -25 entries.

The calculation of your cacheFiles goes wrong. I have no clue yet,  
why ...

> What's wrong with this one? I increased the cache size but the  
> problem persists.
> Got any ideas?

What file system is your cache on?
On that embedded system I think you won't have any ext2 partition for  
afs cache, do you?
Can you test the client with memcache?