[OpenAFS] Crash testing OpenAFS

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Sat, 13 Aug 2005 12:31:22 -0700

>>Look at ftp://creedon.dhs.org/pub/afs_stress_test/run1 (3Mbit high speed

>>The tcpdump file is >6,000,000 lines and its targz is 40mb. /usr/afs/logs
is included - contains before (.old) and after crash logs.

>>The shell scripts needed to duplicate the data and the latest hard crash
are included.
About 1410 directries and 24000 1.2meg files.

>>About 6.5G got moved prior to the crash.

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In message <20050813034206.1E07629533@smtpauth.easystreet.com>,"ted creedon"
>I can make 1.3.87 crash at will.

can we get the oops/traceback?

>Tried to cp two 1.2.11 volumes to the new file server and it hung after 
>a long while.
>No interesting info in cmdebug or fstrace.

could we see the output anyway?

>Need some prompting on tcpdump. 

on the client how about "tcpdump -s 128 -n udp and not port dns"